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Dec 18, 2023

Experience.Computer is a slow radio show about high tech. Exploring perception, experience and expression.


Jay Springett leads author and podcaster J David Osborne through a series of imaginative exercises. 

Then they discuss:

  • The concept of sensory and perceptual experiences
  • The sensation of visualising numbers and mathematical operations
  • The feeling of the sacred
  • Chat app UX, and social media
  • The shape of stories 
  • Using different software for writing and more


“A hyper real crunch. The crunch. The ultimate crunch, the ur crunch - right?”

“Every thought that I have are more vocal. It's more voice oriented. So I'm talking to myself in my brain. Other thoughts are feelings. As a matter of fact, you having me do this exercise is interesting because it makes me realise how few times I do focus on the images in my head like that.”

“The only way that I can describe it is that it just feels right. It just feels correct. Something happens, and you think, and I learned over time to listen to that instead of worry too much about plot because sometimes I'd get an idea that felt correct. And then I would think, well, my character wouldn't do that.”


J. David Osborne is co-founder of Broken River Books, a collective of five aspiring full-time writers. He is the author of the Wonderland-Award-winning novel By the Time We Leave Here, We'll Be Friends, the surreal noir Low Down Death Right Easy, and the cyberpunk novel series God$ Fare No Better. He is the co-host of Agitator Podcast with Kelby Losack, and Lost Xplorers with Kris Saknussemm, and lives in Oklahoma with his wife and son. 


Has this interview sparked any thoughts or questions about your own mind's eye, creative process, or inner experience? I'd love to hear your insights! Share your reflections in the comments below or on social media!


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In 2022 writer and host Jay Springett discovered he had aphantasia - the inability to voluntarily create mental images in one's mind. For 36 years he thought 'picture this' was a metaphor.

Experience.Computer is slow radio about high tech. An interview show exploring perception, experience and expression. The show examines how people perceive the world, and how they work with the creative tools they use to make their work with.


Jay Springett is a strategist and writer. His work focuses on the design, administration and flourishing of worlds of all kinds He has hosted the 301 second long essay podcast Permanently Moved since 2018, and Experience.Computer since 2023. Jay is currently working on his first book ‘The Web Was a Side Quest‘ and writes online at